Top 6 Common Toilet Problems
Top 6 Toilet troubles that make themselves known instantaneously:

1. Toilet has loud hissing noise after every flush.

2. Toilet seat is getting you dance everywhere when doing your job.

3. A toilet overspills outside from itself.

4. Body of water puddles around the base.

5. The flush mechanism breaks down and not functioning.

6. Water continually fills the toilet bowl.

#1 Toilet problem has several parts that could be making this offensive sounds. The first and foremost would be the Fill valve. There could be something microscopic wedged in the orifice of the diaphragm. Next would be the flapper not seated firmly on the flush valve outlet.

#2 Toilet Problem is a pain in the behind...literally! When the toilet seat gets lax inspect the toilet bolts for a firm connection. You'll determine that this will help that slope saddleback feeling.

#3 Toilet Problem is that the toilet overflows over the rim and onto the floor rapidly! This is a major issue and could be discovered simply by acknowledging what you have flushed (feminine napkins, gi-joe toy, deodorant stick,etc.) ,and/or visualizing the lodged item which could be plucked out by hand..ewww, Wicked! If nothing pops out at you then right away call a professional plumber to aid you.

#4 Toilet Problem is at the floor level of the water closet. Determine if the toilet rocks side to side. If it does then the toilet bolts that hold the commode to the floor has broke down or freed itself. Call a plumber for help.

#5 Toilet problem is the handle, handle arm and chain connecting to the flapper. Verifiy if all these are correctly connected and operating prior to altering anything.

#6 Toilet problem is one of two things. 1 is that the water level is set to high up from the float adjustment screw and 2 is that the flapper isn't holding back and either needs to be made clean and/or substituted!

Let me know if this helped!

6 Common Toilet problems
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