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6 Common Toilet problems

When do I need a plumbing permit?

You will need to pull a permit to install, remove, alter, repair or replace or cause to be installed, removed, altered, repaired or replace any plumbing, gas or drainage piping work or any fixture or water heating or treating equipment in a building or premises. A separate permit shall be obtained for each building or structure that is to have plumbing done.

Who can pull a plumbing permit?

There is only one answer for this one, A Plumbing Contractor is the only one that can pull a permit for plumbing work being done. Plumbing permits pulled by the Plumbing Contractor shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the job site. Permits shall remain posted until the plumbing work has passed a final inspection. If not posted there will be monetary fines associated.The reason for using a licensed Plumbing contractor is to document the work being done and to protect you investment, hence the permit!

Hiring a Plumber?

Whether it be now or in the near future, we all have to call a plumber to fix an issue. There is no myth, plumbers can be expensive. There's just no way to get around that. Don't be scared, there are many ways to improve the value you get for your hard earned money. Many people make the mistake of shopping for plumbing primarily based on the plumber's hourly rate. It may be better to look at overall customer satisfaction, even if rates are higher than average.

Statement of Hiring a Plumber Explained...

Hourly rates has 2 reasons why it can be misleading to many. First and foremost, experienced/licensed plumbers usually charge more per hour. However, they have done troubleshooting of many more kinds of plumbing problems and have had more time to discover the most cost-effective solutions to rectify each situation. They are more likely to know the best solution and be able to complete it correctly on the First Time. Saving roughly $10-$15 an hour on the rate for a "solution" that has to be redone in two months, is no bargain. This will lead to head aches, stress, and most of all...Money!

Secondly, the hourly rate may reflect reliability and peace of mind. If you take time off work or alter your work schedule to meet a plumber who shows up late or not at all, it costs you in the end. Even if you aren't docked pay for the lost time from work, you won't be improving your postion at the company that you work at by sitting at home waiting for a plumber. Plumbers who have scheduling and communication practices that don't leave you hanging, are more likely to be worth the higher hourly rate and be well worth it.

Why do Plumbers charge alot?

When you called a plumber, he said his hourly rate was $40 per hour. He was here only about 15 minutes but charged me for 45 minutes. Is this some sort of scam?

Statement of Why the High Rates...

Plumbers spend a big part of their day driving from one job to another. Some way, they have to be compensated for this time. Some add a flat service charge to each bill. Some charge a premium for the first hour, and some charge from the moment that they leave their last job. The latter is probably the case in your situation. These various charging methods are another reason why comparing hourly rates can be a poor way to select plumbers. Always ask a plumber on the phone how his rates work. If it seems to be an unreasonable system for your situation, you may want to turn to another plumber.

Garbage Disposal Unit Problems....
Here are some helpful tools to get your garbage disposal to go the extra distance!

Always make sure that these 5 items are not thrown in the disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal Unit Problems, Find out what has to say to fix the plumbing Disposal 1. Tea bags: The tea leaves produce tanic acid that after time can eat into your waste disposer blades and cause massive decay on the blades and motor parts.

2. Coffee grounds: Cause blockages and react with the metal parts within your insinkerator, thus creating an issue with long term performance

3. Large bones: Small chicken and fish bones should be no trouble but a leg of lamb or beef ribs will seriously jam your disposer system.

4. Stringy Long Plants: Anything like flax seed plants could get caught around the blades causing your machine to stall. This will set off your overload switch, which is located on the immediate bottom of the garbage disposal.

5. Loose Gravel and Stones: This happens all the time to where you clean out your terrarium and/or aquarium small stones, marbles, loose gravel, etc. will get into the disposal and cause great damage. (PS...Make sure that the Fish and/or Reptiles are emptied before cleaning near the disposal unit)

By following these 5 simple things of what not to do you will extend the life expectancy of any brand of disposal unit that you and/or the plumber, that you hired, installed. Now that you have gotten the jist of lengthening the time of use...Let's work on that darn smell that you encounter when you are immediately above the kitchen side with the disposal unit.

The bad odor is all depending on what goes down your waste disposer. The smell is usually caused by food particles getting stuck to the sides and on the blades of the unit. These lodged pieces of food will start to decay and release a stink smell. To solve this problem you have to dislodge these rotting food scraps and replace with a smell that is re-freshing and tollerable. Sometimes this may take a few treatments to achieve great fresh air.

The very first thing to do is to add a hand full of ice cubes into your disposal. This will help knock out the food parts that are stuck and need help to get free.

Next you take a few lemons or oranges ,whichever is cheaper, and peel all the skin off. After doing so, add the citrus fruits into the food disposal unit whole. Turn on the disposal and let the disposer chew it up. This event will enlighten the garbage disposal from the citric acid.

Now there you have it, A Garbage Disposal that will last a very long time and great smelling one at that! If you have any comments or questions drop me a line


Is your Bathroom just not working correctly...
Helpful Tips for keeping the Bathroom plumbing working efficiently!

Here are 5 things to make sure that you do evry now and again.

Helpful Tips for keeping the Bathroom plumbing working efficiently! 1. Once a week run hot water down the drain to help keep it free-flowing. This will break up simple blockages all by itself

2. Repair leaky faucets to avoid further damage to the fixtures and faucets. This may also create unwanted cabinet,drywall, and flooring damages.

3. Tubs and showers should be fitted with strainers that catch hair and soap chips. Clean the strainers regularly.

4. To remove unsightly mineral deposits, and clean the orifices on your shower head, put one cup of vinegar in a plastic bag and place it over the shower head. This will eat up the calcium and clean the head.

5. Do not use your toilet as a wastebasket. Do not flush facial tissue, sanitary products or diapers as they do not dissolve and can clog the lines. Keep a trash container in each bathroom.

If you have a question about a different Bathroom issue drop me a line!


Lets Talk Water Heater Safety....
What causes a water heater or hot water storage tank to explode?

Plumbing Water Heater and Water Storage Tank Safety Explosions primarily result from excessive temperatures in the water heater or storage tank, in lay man terms this will be overheating.Older hot water storage tanks are more proned to the explosion, however the brand new store bought units are succeptible as well. The result will be a devastating rupture to the hot water storage tank creating a loud burst explosion. This effect will destroy the water heater and its surroundings with water and metallic parts.

If you have a question about a different Water Heater issue drop me a line!

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