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My tub faucet is constantly dripping from the spout and I tried everything to fix it myself.

It sounds like the tub/shower cartridge is to blame here. First and foremost...TURN OFF the water supply to the home. Now that we got that out of the way, we can move on. To fix this may require several different tools like: phillips screw driver, alan wrench set, flat head screw driver, etc. depending on the type of valve. Dis-assemble the valve by taking off the handle first, then take of the chrome or colored sleeve, then there will be a set of screws, a nut to unscrew, or a clip (horse shoe) clip. take them apart and pull out the cartridge, if it is a Moen type valve, you may need to use a Moen pulling tool specifically designed to pull the cartridge out. Other brands have different methods. Once the cartridge is removed, clean the areas inside where the rubber seals sit and make sure that there is no debris in there. Flush the valve by turning on the water in short bursts...this will dis-lodge any straggling rubbish behind. Install the new cartridge in the same position that you have pulled the old one out of...and then put back all the things that you took off and then turn the water back on. This should fix that stubborn leak once and for all.

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