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My toilet keeps on running and I noticed that it is going down the white pipe in the tank. Please help me stop it?

Before we begin, let me start by saying that the proper names for the parts in your toilet tank is essential to the repair and/or the inspection. The white pipe that you are referring to is called the "Fill Tube". This is where the water goes from the tank and fills the bowl.

It sounds to me that the fill valve (ball cock) in the tank either has a leak in it or is not adjusted to proper water leveling. If the fill valve is old, it could do you no harm to replace it. Sometimes the shaft or wire that is used to set the level, corrodes off. My opinion would be to change the fill valve and your problem would be fixed.

NOTE: If you are unsure on how to replace the fill valve. Don't wait please call 808-557-6092.

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