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My water bill is really high. I searched around my home, inside my home and there is no visible water leak. What could contribute to a high water bill besides leaking faucets and/or pipes?

95% of all leaks in residential plumbing systems are found in the toilet tank. Toilet tank leaks typically result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is very important to stop the leak. There would be 2 moving parts in question. First would be the ball cock assembly that could have gotten lodged by the chain or from natural movement. Second would be the flapper assembly. This is located in the center bottom of the tank. It is almost always black. Check to make sure that there is proper seating of the flapper. This may stop the leak and reduce the expensive water bill from hitting you every month.

NOTE: If your toilet is rocking, shaking, or dripping... Don't wait please call 808-557-6092.

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