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I just finished building my house and I thought that I was going crazy because my toilet was, every now again, flushing on its own. I actually thought that my kids were playing tricks on me, but the kids were at school when it did it again. Help me?

There are a couple answers to why this is happening, but this solution normally fixes it 99% of the time. This "Ghost Flushing" is from poor venting or no venting of the toilet. Vents are installed per fixture to allow for proper air flow. This air flow will be sent to the sewage system, helping the fixture drain effectively. Without the vent, air pockets form in the waste branches which can cause back-siphonage. The air in the system which, without a vent, can only ecscape through the sewer. It can pull the water in the trap of the toilet with it. Thus creating the illusion that a "Ghost" is flushing your toilet.

NOTE: This is only one of the major items that could be the cause. Contact me if you have tried this fix and it fails miserably. I have a few more things to try that may help with the flushing!

Remember: "A Royal Flush beats a Full House..."

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